EENC Award Nominations

Do you know an environmental educator, EE program, or center in North Carolina that promotes excellence in environmental education?  Nominate your EE heroes for an EENC award!  We give several types of awards for both members and non-members, so help the great EE professionals in your life get the recognition they deserve for their great work.

Award recipients will be recognized at this year's conference awards luncheon.  We look forward to seeing YOUR nominations!

A letter from Trent Stanforth, Membership Chair

Each year the Environmental Educators of North Carolina publicly recognizes environmental educators, EENC members, organizations, and partners for their valuable contributions to EENC, the North Carolina community, and to the field of environmental education. 

Those who have been involved in North Carolina Environmental Education for a few years will recognize friends, peers, and heroes from the list of previous winners. But I am sure that there are many other environmental friends, heroes, and peers who are not on this list. 

You have the opportunity to change that.  Complete the form below to nominate your peers so they can receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

In addition to asking who they are, where they teach, and what qualities they bring to EE, you will also have a chance to tell us why your nominees are your EE heroes. The awards are not limited to individuals only - they also recognize programs, education centers and partners. Descriptions of the awards can be found here

The nomination period is open now and nominations are due August 17. The decision will be made in early September, and the awards will be given at the new EENC Annual Conference awards luncheon.


Trent Stanforth
EENC Membership Chair

Nomination Form

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