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We're looking for items that would appeal to environmental educators at all price points to include in our auctions and raffle.  Our in-person silent auction, featuring smaller dollar and physically large items, is often a hilarious highlight for our conference attendees - with enthusiastic bidders jostling to get the last possible bid on the most coveted items.  For more expensive and/or digitally delivered items, we offer an online auction that's open for a couple of weeks.  Have an item you want to include?  Complete the form below to submit your item.  

The Executive Director and Resource Development Chair will review items. We will contact you in the coming weeks to let you know if your item has been accepted or not and to arrange EENC's acquisition of the item. Please note: We reserve the right to refuse any donations that do not meet these qualifications or the expectations of the Resource Development Chair.  You, as the donor of this item, are responsible for getting the item to EENC, whether it be by mail or in-person drop off.

Please complete the form below by Friday, August 20th.  No new items will be accepted for donation after that date to leave our team enough time to get everything ready.  Mobile Users: click here to open the form in a new page.

Thank you for your continued support of EENC! 

Example items that have been popular the past include restaurant and experience vouchers, vacation packages, and gift certificates for: local businesses, camping/hiking/naturalist gear, local goodies, nature-themed (new) clothes and accessories, and handmade art!

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