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Introducing the eeGuidance for Equitable Pay and Hiring (EENC Webinar)

  • Thu, March 16, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

In 2020, the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEA) launched a regional Landscape Analysis to identify gaps and barriers to access in environmental education. This analysis confirmed what many of us working in environmental education already know: there are inequities in pay and benefits.  We found that the average entry-level salary for environmental educators is 15-25% lower than in comparable fields (Stakeholder Report).  

To address this, SEEA gathered a team to develop an eeGuidance for Equitable Pay and Hiring. Using the SEEA findings, this document makes the case for a reimagining of more equitable hiring and pay practices. This report provides recommendations and highlights some best practices for environmental and outdoor education organizations. Once applied, these standards and resources will help improve employee retention, attract more diverse talent, create a sustainable career path, and establish our field as a viable profession.

This webinar will provide an overview of the recommendations described in the document related to pay, position design, recruitment, and hiring processes.  We'll also discuss recommendations and resources for employers to use this document.

Presenter: Lauren Pyle

Register for this event here.

Webinar will qualify for Criteria III and continuing education for NC DEQ EE Certificate.  

A recording of the webinar will be sent to all registered participants afterward.  It will also be posted on EENC's Member Resources page - so if you're an EENC member and not able to attend during the scheduled time, no need to register!

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