Upgrade your EENC Membership

Why Want more?

Access all EENC has to offer by upgrading your membership! You can upgrade to any higher level of individual or organizational membership at any point throughout the year.  Some potential reasons you might want to upgrade:

  • If you joined an Honorary Member and want to become a Professional Member to gain eligibility to apply for an EENC mini-grant
  • If you started as a annual Professional Member and are ready to show your long-term commitment to the field by becoming a Life Member
  • If you're enjoying your individual membership so much that you want to support your whole team by joining as  an Organizational Member 
  • If your team has grown since you first became an Organizational Member and you want to support more of your team by moving to a higher membership category

Whatever your reason, upgrading your membership is easy to do at any time!

How to Upgrade

Follow the steps below to upgrade your membership at any time through the year!

  1. Log into your account at www.eenc.org (top right corner)
  2. Once you're logged in, click your hyperlinked name in the top right corner to access all your account information.  
  3. Next to your current membership level, you should see a link labeled "Change."  Click that link to select any new membership level you'd like!  

If you have any trouble upgrading and/or to receive prorated credit for the time remaining on your current membership, please email director@eenc.org for support.

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